Focus Area 1: Technopreneur Development

Focus Area 2: Market Access

NEF strives to ensure that the community is constantly equipped with the most up to date knowledge and information.In an effort to ensure this, it organizes various developmental and knowledge sharing programs.The most popular series of its program is NETBASH which has been organized since its days of inception.

For any entreprenuer, market access is the key to business sustainability and growth.NEF builds relationships with local and international networks in order to provide a channel for its members to get market access

Focus Area 3: Funding

Focus Area 4: Creativity & Innovation

Funding is key for a new entreprenuer or even for those that has been in business.NEF ensures that policy related to funding is well addressed and benefits the community.It also acts as a pressure group to introduce new funding schemes that reflects the needs of today

NEF believes that Creativity & Innovation is the fundamental thrust to ensure survivability & growth.New Innovations involves products, processes, systems, services, models & methods.NEF creates awareness and training programs to ensure its members continuously provide creative and innovative “products”